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Richard Schumacher



SVR 5003-2 | Release 08/2008

As a promising start, we are very happy to present our first release: the new VIBE TRIBE CD “Views”, this time featuring guest vocalists Jack Bruce and Eric Bibb as well as Bill Evans, Russ Ferrante, Jimmy Haslip, Terri Lyne Carrington, Dave Weckl, Kai Eckhardt, Will Kennedy, Mitch Forman and many others ... the follow up to the last CD “Foreign Affairs” (Lipstick) is further exploring the compositional route of combining a good dose of R&B with beautiful scenic pieces, a touch of african vocalese as well as precious lyrical moments … composer and guitarist Richard Schumacher has written a quite diversified set of tunes, taking us on a journey to surely open up a colorful collection of views.


01. The Sign 6:22 listen »
02. African Chant 5:50 listen »
03. Views 9:21 listen »
04. Here I Am 5:27 listen »
05. Don’t Let Go 3:03 listen »
06. Any Day Now 7:03 listen »
07. Speak To Me 6:19 listen »
08. Faces 1:46 listen »
09. Eyes Of The Heart 2:47 listen »



At the time of its first release, it was hip to master a CD with a lot of compression and processing when deciding to rerelease our first CD, we went ahead and remastered it, getting it to sound a lot more open and airy, so give it a listen! more


01. Gotta do better 4:54 listen »
02. Breath 95 4:50 listen »
03. Get up 3:45 listen »
04. Cool Shoes 7:19 listen »
05. Lucy Lucid 4:45 listen »
06. Balloons 6:29 listen »
07. When I see the moon 5:40 listen »
08. Farewell 4:38 listen »
09. Travels 8:29 listen »