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Richard Schumacher

VIBE TRIBE: "Foreign Affairs"

SVR 5000-2

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Better be true to yourself
’cause the flow of events
will certainly
put a crack in your shell

Bring forth the truth inside
Don’t hide inside your pride
Stand up and share your heart

’cause what you bring forth
is going to save you
and what you don’t bring forth
is going to kill you

Why don’t you face up
and try to be open
’cause life is too short,
too short to just keep on hoping

Stand close face to face
Take another step and pace
close enough to kiss like this
Takin’ care of your soul
Join the force of the good
there is no better goal



Hey won’t you tell me the secret
of what it takes to love you right
’cause I’m not a magician
or a professor of psyche
no, no
won’t you tell me the secret
how to open up your eyes
so you can see the light
Why don’t you help me
to find the trick
to get our lives to unite
It’s easy to please a stranger
It isn’t hard for friends at all
But what wakes a friend into frenzy
what does it take to fall?