SVR-ProjectsVibe Tribe
Richard Schumacher


The idea behind VIBE TRIBE since our debut CD “Cool Shoes” always circled around the idea of what makes communication between people work, how we relate to each other, what seems to be of common interrest to all of us beyond the neccessity to simply survive ... there are all those matters of the soul, which to need to be attended to, or we will have to sacrifice those human values, without whome life will never be the same ... in other words, the “Vibe” is not just something groovy or hip, but rather the product of who we are, what we believe in and how we behave accordingly. Regardless of what school of thought you are coming from, you will always draw likeminded people to you, and will find yourself in learning situations reflecting precisely what you still may have to learn ... so, by truly staying in touch with your inner self, you have made the first step to be of real value: to your loved ones, your children, your friends, your fellow musicians ... the good thing is, once you have discovered those benefits of behaving in a good way to yourself as well as to the others, your whole life circumstances seem to improve in manyfold ways ... and you cannot but spread a good “Vibe”, really communicating something of value, be in words, be it in a smile, be it in music ...

If we want to enjoy a life with a minimum of ethics still in place, we will have to do something for it that much should be clear by now ... if a good vibe has the potential to set good ideas into motion for the benefit of all, then motivation to keep on working hard at bringing good people together to produce something of lasting value is a given ... and a lot of fun too!

Along these lines you may get an idea, what the VIBE TRIBE is about we have had the good fortune of really outstanding musicians contributing from day one, as well as many helping hands help from all sides of the music industry and the support of our family and friends: what more can you ask for?