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SVR 5000-3 | Release 08/2008

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With the third album of his band VIBE TRIBE guitarist and composer Richard Schumacher yet again has managed to assemble quite an astonishing cast of musicians: this time featuring guest vocalists Jack Bruce and Eric Bibb as well as Bill Evans, Russ Ferrante, Jimmy Haslip, Terri Lyne Carrington, Dave Weckl, Kai Eckhardt, Will Kennedy, Mitch Forman and many others, the long awaited follow up to the last CD ?Foreign Affairs? (Lipstick) is further exploring the compositional route of combining a good dose of R&B with beautiful scenic pieces, a touch of african vocalese as well as precious lyrical moments ? a unique mix of Jazz ? and Vocaltunes, with some newcomers like Nathalie Dorra and Ken Norris, as well as a childrens choir on ?Faces?, certainly one of the highlights of the CD which also features violinist Karin Briggs (Stanly Clarke) and a stunningly beautiful piano intro by Russ Ferrante (Yellowjackets).

A very special moment is the ballad ?Eyes of the heart?, with pianist Mitch Forman and Richard Schumacher on acoustic guitar allowing their hearts to speak about, what can be seen ... it is safe to say, the VIBE TRIBE has moved it?s mission to the next level, taking us on an exciting journey to surely open up a colorful collection of views ...